The Sleep Guide

30 Easy Tips and Tricks For a Better Night's Sleep

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  • >Includes the 4 major reasons why sleep affects your wellbeing
  • >Learn about the stages of a good night's sleep
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Which foods are best for falling asleep? What thermostat setting is best for staying asleep? What’s the best place for your alarm clock in your bedroom?

Find the answers to these questions, and much more in The Sleep Guide, a book about the little things you can do to sleep better.

• Read these sample sleep tips to improve your daily sleep routine.

The Sleep Guide - Sample Preview

Why Sleep Matters: Metabolism and Weight

When we are fatigued, we lack the energy to exercise and lose the motivation to eat right. We often try to fight fatigue by eating the nearest bag of chips or downing a quick cup of coffee. As you know, a poor diet and lack of exercise is the perfect recipe for weight gain.

Our urge to eat causes changes in our bodies’ hormone levels. Sleep deprivation increases our bodies’ levels of ghrelin, stimulating our appetite and making us hungrier. It also decreases our bodies’ leptin levels. Leptin signals our bodies to stop eating when we’re full. Lack of sleep can cause us to eat too much, adding weight to our bodies and inches to our waist lines. If you are dieting or want to maintain a healthy weight, getting plenty of sleep every night may help you reach your goals successfully!

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