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  • >Increase Overall Energy
  • >Enhance Focus & Concentration
  • >Reduce Fatigue
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Fatigue affects every aspect of our lives, from our general functioning and decision making to relationships with family, friends, and co-workers. Puritea is the supplement that will naturally enhance your energy level by reducing fatigue and increasing focus and concentration.

The foundation of Puritea's unique formula is its proprietary tea blend. Containing green tea, white tea, rooibos tea and oolong tea, this blend’s teas have been concentrated into extracts to maximize their energy and antioxidant benefits per serving. With Puritea's capsule delivery system, your body is receiving 100% of the antioxidants present in the tea leaves.

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Natural Sleep Aid

  • Fall Asleep Faster
  • Improve Sleep Quality
  • Wake Up Feeling Refreshed

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Heart First

Heart First®

Cardiovascular Support

  • Support Cardiovascular Health
  • Promote Healthy Heart Function
  • Support Circulation and Blood

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