Stay Healthy On the Go - 8 Great Snacks to Pack!
Thursday, November 18, 2010

You know how important it is to eat right and make healthy choices, but with your busy schedule, sometimes life gets in the way! It's hard to make the healthy choice when you're on-the-go and pressed for time. Instead of making another trip through the drive-through, try packing these healthy snacks that can tide you over until you have the time to make a healthier choice!

1. Almonds

Put a handful of almonds in a plastic baggie and keep them in the car or in your bag. Almonds are low in saturated fat, cholesterol-free, and are rich in heart-healthy omega 3 fatty acids. They're also high in fiber and protein, making them both a healthy and a filling choice when your stomach starts growling.

2. 100 Calorie Packs

No need to guess how many calories are in these snacks! Portion control is a breeze with these treats - no need to do any counting or measuring. These are a great choice when you're craving something sweet in between meals. Available from both major and private label brands, they come in a variety of forms including cookies, pretzels, and nuts. Get a variety pack so you'll have options when those sweet or salty cravings come on!

3. Baby carrots

If it's hard to find the time to cut up your own veggies, then baby carrots are a great choice. Throw some in a baggie and you're off! Crunch down on them to get antioxidants and vision support while you're staving off hunger. Want a little more variety? Mix in some sugar snap peas too!

4. Whole fruit

What could be simpler than just grabbing an apple or an orange from the fridge in the morning? Buy seasonal fruits in bulk and grab one from the refrigerator when you're heading out for the day. Whole hand fruit is a sweet and filling alternative to the sugary snacks that are stashed away in our desks. Dried fruit takes up less space, but beware - a small amount of dried fruit can really pack in the sugar and calories!

5. Whole grain bread with peanut butter

Know you're going to be on the run all day? Pack yourself a sandwich of peanut butter on whole grain bread for later. You won't need to refrigerate it and it's a healthy, tasty, and filling choice. Check the label on the bread before you buy - make sure it's got whole grains and more than 2g of fiber per serving.

6. Greek yogurt

Got a mini cooler? Try out Greek yogurt! Thick and creamy, this high protein treat is a great source of calcium and can aid digestion. Add in fruit or nuts to make it even more filling. Choose the low or nonfat varieties to avoid extra calories.

7. High fiber cereal

Separate out single-portion servings of your favorite high fiber (and/or high protein) cereals. Save money by buying in bulk or at a big box store and then portioning out at home. Fiber-rich cereals are likely to satisfy your current cravings and keep you fuller for longer. They're also a great choice for snacking if you like to take lots of little bites! Be careful to avoid overly sugary cereals though, as they will only provide temporary relief (and can make you crave even more sugar)!

8. String cheese

Have a little fun when you're eating on the go! Not just for your kids' lunchboxes, string cheese is a tasty and portable treat with protein to help you feel fuller. For a more substantial snack, pack some low-fat crackers in a baggie with you too!